Importing a Paper Test into Blackboard Using Respondus

    Installation of Respondus Test Creation Application is required. Click here for installation instructions.

    Questions need to be in a specific format into order to import them into Respondus and then into Blackboard. Format instructions can be found in Respondus under Help / Help Topics. On the Help Topics page, click on the Search tab and enter: Standard Format for Importing Questions. After formatting your test questions, follow the steps below. 

    1.  Open the Internet Explorer (IE) browser on your computer (just open it, you do not need to log into Blackboard or visit any website). There is a known Microsoft bug that required IE to be open for some authentications.

    2. Click on the Respondus 4.0 Campus-Wide icon that displays on your desktop. On the Respondus page, click on the Import Questions button.

    Respondus Import Test Questions Button

    3. The Import Questions dialog box will display. (A) Select the type of file to import from the drop down menu. In this example, a test created in MS Word will be imported into Respondus. (B) Next, click on the Browse button and browse to the document you want to import into Respondus. (C) In Section 2, enter a name for the file. In this example, the name will be Final Exam Section 001. (D) Click on the Preview button. Note any Warnings and Notes that display at the bottom of the dialog box. In most cases, any changes can be made to the test once it is imported into Blackboard. (E) Click Finish. A File Saved message will display. Click OK.  The test questions will display at the bottom of the page. From here you can preview, edit, delete, etc. test questions.

    Respondus Import Test Questions Dialog Box


    4. Next, click on the Preview and Publish tab / Publish to Blackboard and then click on the Publish Wizard button.

    Respondus Publish Wizard Dialog Box

    5. The Publish Wizard dialog box displays. Click in the radio button next to Publish to single course and then click Next. If this is your first time exporting a test from Respondus into Blackboard, you will need to set up the server settings. Click here and review Steps 2 - 10. 

    Respondus Publish Wizard


    6. On the Publish Wizard page, choose the course you want to import the test into. In Section 2, leave the radio button selected next to Create new Exam. The name of the exam is what you entered in Step 2.  You can leave the default settings under Section 3 as is. Click Next.

    Respondus Wizard Select Course


    7.  Select the folder in the course where you want the test to reside. Click Next.

    Respondus Select Content Area


    8.  Within a few seconds, the Publish Wizard will open indicating that the questions have been uploaded to your course successfully. Click Finish.

    Respondus Export Complete


    Go into your course. The test will reside in the content area you selected in Step 6.  Edit the test and update points per question and verify correct answers are properly selected.  You will also need to Edit the Test Options and make the appropriate selections under Test Availability, Test Availability Exceptions, Due Date, Test Results and Test Presentation.