Printing a Paper Test Created in Your Blackboard Course

    Note: Installation of Respondus Test Creation Application is required. Click here for installation instructions. 

    1.  Click on the Respondus 4.0 Campus-Wide icon that displays on your desktop. On the Respondus page, click on the Retrieval & Reports tab and then click on the Retrieve Questions button

    Retrieve Questions Button

    2.  The Retrieve Questions Wizard window will open. First time users: Next to Blackboard Server, select "add new server" otherwise go to Step 7.

    Respondus Add New Server 

    3.  An Add New Server Settings window will open.  Leave the radio button next to Yes, check for preconfigured server settings. Click Next

    Respondus Step 3


    4.  On the Preconfigured Server Settings Wizard, enter a name in field 1 (e.g. My Bb Courses).  In field 2, enter your GMU Username and Password. Click in the box next to "Save my User Name and Password…"  Leave the radio button checked next to Run Connection Test. Click Next.

    Respondus Step 4


    5.  Within a few seconds, the Preconfigured Server Settings Wizard will open indicating that the connection test was completed successfully. Click Next.

    Respondus Step 5


    6.  The Preconfigured Server Settings Wizard will open indicating that the new server settings have been added or updated.  Click Finish.

    Respondus Step 6


    7.  On the Retrieve Questions Wizard, click Next.

    Respondus Step 7


    8.  If you didn't select the box to save your username and password in Step 4, then you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password for Blackboard. Click OK when you are done. 

    Respondus Step 8


    9.  On the Retrieve Questions Wizard, (1) select the course you want to retrieve the test from. You must be enrolled in the course for the course to display on the list; (2) select an Exam, Survey or Pool. In this example, an Exam is selected. (3) Enter a name for the file that will be created in Respondus for the test; (4), click on the Next button. 

    Respondus Step 9

    10.  After the questions have been retrieved, you will receive a File Saved notification. Click OK and then click Finish

    Respondus Step 10


    11.  Next, click on the Start tab and then click on the Open button.

    Respondus Start Open


    12.  The Open Respondus File window will open. Select that test (file name) that you entered in Step 9 and click on the Open button.

    Respondus Step 12


    13.  Next, click on the Preview & Publish tab and select Print Options from the menu.

    Respondus Print Options


    14.  On the Print Options page, make your selections. In most cases, you only need to make selections for Option 1: Select Format. For example, if you want to give a student a paper test, you would select Exam.  If you want the paper test along with the answer key, select "Exam with Answer Key". The Settings button has various options such as "List answers at end of exam (instead of an asterisk mark). Click on "Save to File" or "Send to Printer". 

    Respondus Print Options Settings