George Mason University does not centrally recommend or support any specific response/clicker system.

    i>Clicker Integrate for Blackboard Learn has been added to the myMason portal and is available for all instructors. 

    - Instructors can now synchronize their i>clicker classroom roster and session data into the Blackboard course gradebook.

    - Students can now register their i>clicker remotes within their Blackboard course.

    Instructor Software:

    There are several steps instructors must follow to link their i>clicker information to a Blackboard course.

    1. Download the Mason customized integration .zip files: Windows or Mac

    2. Enable i>Clicker in Blackboard. In your course, go to
      Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability

    3. Check off boxes next to "i>clicker Instructor Resources" and "i>clicker Student Resources"

    4. Submit


    Students can now click on Tools in the course menu to register their i>Clicker. Instructors can go to Course Tools in the Control Panel and choose i>clicker Instructors Tools to see who has registered.

    Detailed Blackboard integration instructions are available from the i>clicker website.
    i>clicker Integrate for Blackboard Learn

    Instructor Hardware requirements:

    Instructor must have an i>clicker base, at least one instructor i>clicker and i>clicker software (either on a flash drive or installed on a laptop).

    Further documentation and video tutorials are available through the i>clicker website.