Audio Troubleshooting Guide

    Follow these steps if you have problems with audio in Blackboard Collaborate sessions.

    Audio not working

    You must press the Talk button to begin broadcasting audio. You will see the volume level move as you speak.

    For speakers or microphone trouble run the Audio Setup Wizard to make sure that the computer's speakers and microphone are set up correctly.



    Is the Talk Button grayed out?

    1) You do not have the Talk privilege. The moderator must grant you the privledge.

    2) The session may be set up to only allow one "talker" and someone else has their microphone on. The Moderator may choose to go to Tools > Audio > Maximum Simultaneous Talkers and increase the number.

    I can't hear or be heard

    Changing Microphone/Audio during a session

    After you set up the audio in Blackboard Collaborate, you may need to change the audio on your computer.

    • If you are using a PC:

      1. Click on Start in lower left corner of computer.

      2. Click Settings/ Control Panel.

      3. Double click on Sounds and Audio Devices.

      4. Select Audio.

      5. Pick sound devices for output (playback) and input (recording).

    • If you are using a Mac: If you are using a Mac you will need to set this up BEFORE you can run your audio set-up wizard.

      1. Click System Preferences.

      2. Select Sound.

      3. Pick sound devices for output and input.