Create an MP3/MP4 file of Recording

    Instructors can choose to convert a Collaborate recording into a downloadable format. Once created, any user (including students) in the course can download the recording. Recordings can be created as audio only (mp3 files) or audio and video (mp4 files).

    You may wish to make the recording available for several reasons:

    • Keep a copy of a recording for you records
    • Edit the recording in an audio or video editing system (Camtasia, iMovie, etc.)
    • Upload the video to another course site or anywhere on the web
    • Allow students to view recordings on a mobile device


    The mp4 version of the recording does not include everything that is visible through Collaborate. The converted recording will not include: webcam video, chat, polling, emoticon feedback, web tour, multimedia content, and anything that took place in breakout rooms.

    Only recordings created January 2013 or later can be converted.


    1. Access your list of Collaborate recordings in your Blackboard course by navigating to: Control Panel > Course Tools > Blackboard Collaborate > Recordings tab
    2. Click the “Convert” link next to a recording – choose Audio (MP3) and/or Video (MP4)
    3. Wait for recording to convert (you will see a Converting message). The conversion process may take up to 24 hours. You will not receive a notification when the recording is complete. Visit the Recordings tab again to look for the Play button – indicating the conversion is ready.
    4. converting

    5. After conversion is a complete, click the Play button to view.
    6. At the top right of the recording, click the download button download to download the mp4 video file to your computer.

    Once the video is on your computer, you can upload it to your Kaltura My Media library. This will allow you to reuse and edit the media for use in multiple current or future courses. For instructions on Kaltura and uploading mp4 media click here.