Integrate Blackboard Collaborate with Grade Center

    Adding a Course Menu link to Bb Collaborate

    Students will always have access to Blackboard Collaborate via the Session List Page by clicking on their Tools link in the Course Menu, then clicking Blackboard Collaborate.

    However, if you would like to have a link to Collaborate directly on your Course Menu, you can add a Tool Link to your courses’ menu. Here’s how:

    1. In your Course Menu in the upper left of your course site, place your cursor over the Plus Sign. In the embedded drop-down menu that appears, click on Create Tool Link.



    1. The Add Tool Link window will appear. Give your link a name (such as "Online Lectures", or any other name you deem appropriate that is also obvious to your students) and then use the Type drop-down menu to choose Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager. Be sure to click the Available to Users checkbox so students can see this Tool link.

    blackboard collaborate schedule manager


    1. Click on Submit. The Tool link will be added to the bottom of your Course Menu, but it can be moved up to a different location in your course menu by dragging the double-headed arrow paddles to the left of your link.

    Adding a Content Area link to Bb Collaborate

    Students can now click on the Tool link you created to go straight to the Blackboard Collaborate List Page to access your Collaborate sessions.

    In order to provide students easier access, you can add a direct link to a specific Collaborate session or recording in any Content Area. Here's how:

    1. Locate a session or recording on the Collaborate Session or Recordings list page. Click the arrow to the right of the session/recording you would like to place in a Content Area and choose Add Link from the drop-down menu.



    1. In the field next to Course Link Name (see image below), choose a Name for the link to this session/recording. By default it will be the same name as the session/recording itself, but you can change this. Next to Content Area List, click the checkbox next to the Content Area that you want to add the session/recording.
    2. Add additional Details and Date Restrictionsif desired. (Under Details, if you check off "Required" the word "required" will appear next to the link; otherwise it will say "suggested" - there is no way to remove this.)



    1. Click on the Save button to save your work. You will be returned to the Collaborate Session List Page.
    2. Visit the chosen Content Area to confirm.

    Grade Center Integration

    Step 1 Enabling the Grade Center

    When creating a session, select to integrate with the Grade Center under #4 on the "Information Tab." Assign the number of points student(s) will earn for attending the session. You can also edit an existing session to enable this setting.

    integrate item4 v2

    A grade column is automatically created, when enabling this setting. Upon entering the session or viewing it students will receive the maximum points possible individual grades can also be edited by the instructor.

    Note: An instructor must be in the session for the attendance to be counted and retrieved.

    Step 2 - Retrieving Attendance

    To retrieve the grades into the Grade Center, return to the session and retrieve the Session Attendance.

    retrieve session attendance

    The Grade Center will appear with a column and the grade specified when setting up the session.

    gradecenter view added column

    CAUTION: If both the instructor and student(s) exits and then re-enters the same session, another column in the Grade Center will be created.