Schedule a Blackboard Collaborate Web Conference Guide

    Activate Blackboard Collaborate Courses or Organizations
    Blackboard Collaborate is available in all courses and organizations. It will appear under the Course/Organization Tools section of the Control Panel.



    Schedule a Blackboard Collaborate Web Conference Session
    1. Log into your Blackboard Course/Organization
    2. Under Course/Organization Management, locate Course/Organization Tools and then click on Blackboard Collaborate.
    3. Locate the Schedule a Session, and click on the Create Session button.

     create session

    1. Select your Session Information and Room Options (information below is available to guide you through this process).
    2. Click Save.

    Create Session Information

    Provide Session Name and Date information

    Session information

    *Please note that once a session expired it can no longer be edited or extended. Users wishing to run a session for multiple days should use the Default Room or extend the session for the length of the semester.

    Room Options

    Session Type

    • Course: All users registered in this course/organization can attend the session
    • Shared: All users registered in one or more course/organizations tat you teach can attend this session.
    session type

    Teleconference Options

    • Use built-in: The system generates the teleconference number, code, and PIN for participants and moderators.
    • Use third party: To use another method, provide the information
    • Do not use teleconference: Use VoIP. User are only able to hear the session through their computer speakers or USB headset.

      teleconference options

    *Please note that Use built in is selected by default.

    Room Attributes

    • Recording Mode:
      • Manual - Moderator activates recording
      • Automatic - Recording starts when the first person enters the session
      • Disabled - Session cannot be recorded

    • Maximum Simultaneous Talkers and Cameras: Up to six simultaneous talkers and cameras can be activated for the session. The moderator can change the number during the live session.

    • View Private Messages: Allows moderators to view all private chat messages in the session.

    • All Permissions: All participants will have full permissions when they enter the session. Permissions are audio, video, chat and whiteboard. The moderator can give and take away permissions during the session.

    • Raise Hand on Entry: When a participant enters the session their hand will be automatically raised there by notifying the moderator that someone has entered the room.

    • Allow in-Session Invitations: The session URL will be available to send from within the session so others may join the session.

    • Hide Names in Recordings: Names of session participants are hidden from the views of the recording. Names are replaced with Participant 1, Participant 2, etc.

    • Preload Content: Content can be preoaded into a session. The following file types are suppported: .wbd, .wbp, .elp, .elpx, .swf, .m4v, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpe, .mp3, .qt, .mov, .wmv


    room attributes

    Grade Center Integration

    • Add a grade column: Once the session ends, you can pull an Attendance Report which will allow you to push the points to the Grade Center. (Instructions on Attendance Report, click here)

      grade center integration

    Assign Roles

    • All users join as Moderators
    • Restrict Access to this Session
      •  Add Moderators and Add participant.

    *Please Note, when assign access is selected each user you wish to have participate in your session must be assigned a role or the session will not be available for them to access.

    It is recommended you do not select Roles or Access, leaving the defaults (nothing checked) allows for all student/participants to join as participants.

    assign access