Adding Content Collection files to a Course

    add itemThese instructions assume you have already added files to a Content area such as My Content or your department's Institution folder.

    1) Once in a Blackboard course, choose a content area (such as Course Content) where you want to add the file.

    2) Hover over the Build Content button, and choose Item or File, from the drop down list.

    content button3) Enter the Item Name and optional description.

    4) In the Attachments area, click the Browse Content Collection button to search the Content Collection for the resource that you intend to link to.

    browse content

    5) Navigate to the file location by hovering your mouse over Browse and navigate to an area such as My Content or Shared Content.

    6) Check the box next to the resource file you wish to link to, then
    Click Submit.

    7) Click the Submit button again to make the item available in your course.

    Please Note: When using this method to add content to your course, you do not need to grant any special Permissions to a folder or item in the Content area. This is done automatically when adding files to a course.