Blackboard Drive

    The Blackboard Drive application for Mac and PC allows users to view their Blackboard content directly on their desktop. You can quickly drag and drop files to upload them in Blackboard. You can also edit files and the changes will automatically appear in Blackboard.

    Download now:

    Am I running Windows 32 or 64 bit?


    After installing and opening, set up with the steps below.


    You will be required to set up the application after installation. Once installed and open, click the + button to configure.

    1) Volume Name:
    Bb Drive (or any name you wish)

    2) Full URL:
    This can vary based on which part of Blackboard you wish to connect to.
    A) If you want to connect to your personal My Content area enter:[your_username]
    B) If you wish to connect to a specific course enter[course_id]
    bbdrive360C) Other options are possible as well such as a Department's Institution Content folder - look for the Web Folder URL under 360 View

    3) Username/Password:
    Enter your Mason NetID and Password.
    4) Advanced Options

    Under Advanced Options you can choose whether you want to connect to Blackboard automatically when opening the application (recommended).

    5) Save your settings, and then click the Connect button.

    You may choose to save multiple configurations to various places in Blackboard.