Institution Department Folders

    Screenshot of institutional foldersA myMason Content folder has been created for each academic department. Administrative offices can request folders as well. The folder can be accessed by logging into MyMason, clicking the Content link, and then choosing Institution Content. Faculty will automatically have access to view their department’s folder (this folder is private to that department's faculty and other designated users).

    We suggest you use this folder to:
    • provide access to internal department documents and files both on and off campus
    • create subfolders for specific courses or programs
    • provide faculty and staff with spaces to store shared course content

    How to Get Started

    In order to add content and give others upload permissions, please Contact Us to designate an owner (maybe a department chair or administrative assistant) of the folder for your department. Once that person has access, they can create subfolders, give others the ability to upload files, add other users, etc. as needed.

    Data Security and Privacy

    Highly sensitive information should not be stored anywhere in Blackboard. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

    • In general, Personally Identifiable Information (information that could lead to identity theft)
    • Social security numbers
    • Credit card numbers
    • Passport numbers
    • Classified research information
    • Personal health information

    See University Policy 1114 and related Appendix A for more details.