Creating a Sign-up Sheet Using a Wiki

    You can use a Wiki in your Blackboard course to create a sign-up sheet that students can use to sign-up for office hours, projects, an event, etc. A Wiki is a page or set of pages that can be viewed and edited by you and your students.

    1. Under the Control Panel, click on Course Tools and then select Wikis.

    Course Tools Wikis

    2. On the Wikis page, click on Create Wiki.

    Create Wiki

    3. The Create Wiki page displays.  
    A. Enter a name for the sign-up sheet.
    B. Enter instructions.
    C. For Wiki Availability, click in the radio button next to Yes. Optionally, you can limit the availability of the Wiki by entering date and time restrictions.
    D. Set the Student Access to Open to Editing.
    E. Set the Student Comment Access to Closed to Commenting.
    F. Grade Wiki should be set to No grading.
    G. Submit the page when you are done.

    Create Wiki Page

    4. Open the Wiki by clicking on the name of the Wiki.

    Open Wiki

    5. In the Content text editor, create your sign-up sheet by using the Insert/Edit Table tool and then Submit the page when you're done.

    Create Table in Wiki

    In this example, the following table format was selected on the Insert/Edit Table tool page and then dates were entered on the table.

    Create Sign Up Sheet Table

    Complete Wiki Table

    Students can access the Wiki either from Tools on your Course menu or you can create a Tool Link directly to the Wiki page.

    Once a student clicks on the name of the Wiki, they would simply click on the Edit Wiki Content button, enter their name on the table and then Submit the page.

    Completed Wiki Table