Enrolling Users into Courses

    The Enroll User feature allows Instructors and TA’s to manually add users to a course and set their course role. Students are automatically enrolled/un-enrolled into courses, but you can add additional students, guests, another instructor, or a teaching assistant into your course.

    1. In the Control panel of your Blackboard course, select Users and Groups then Users.

    control panel users

    2. Select the 'Find Users to Enroll' button (do not use the search box on this page)

    find user button


    Option 1) If you know the Mason Username (the name before @gmu.edu), enter it into the Username field.

    enter user

    Option 2) If you don't know the Mason Username, search for the User by selecting Browse. A new box will popup and allow you to search for the user by Username, First Name, Last Name or Email address.

    browser users

    Select the check box for the user and press Submit.

    found student

    4. Select the Role for the new user. Course Roles are explained here. There are additional steps for enrolling guests.

    SP11 select role submit

    5. Press Submit.

    Note: If the user is already enrolled in the course, his/her name will not appear when browsing for a user. In addition, if a student hasd previously enrolled and then dropped the course, you will not be able to add them to the course. You will need to contact us to manually add them in the course.