Statistics Tracking for a Content Item

    Statistics Tracking (Track Number of Views) allows educators to view statistics on content items seen by course users at the content area level. Statistics include user activity by date, the day of the week, and the hour of the day. For example, statistics tracking is enabled on several content items within a folder. A student accesses the folder but does not click or open any of the items within the folder. The report (Content Usage Statistics Report) for each item in that folder will record a hit or click by the student because they all displayed to the student at the time the folder was opened (assuming there are no date restrictions on the items).

    Once a content item has been created in a Content Area, Learning Module, Lesson Plan, or folder, you can enable statistics tracking for that item by (1) clicking on the Action Link next to the content item and (2) selecting Statistics Tracking (On / Off). On the Statistics Tracking page (3), click on the radio button next to On and then click Submit.

    Enable Statistics Tracking on Content Item


    Statistics are only stored in Blackboard when Statistics Tracking is enabled. If Statistics Tracking is turned on after some users have accessed the content item, then records of their access cannot be recovered. Data will only be displayed for those users who access the content item after Statistics Tracking has been enabled.

    When Statistics Tracking is enabled (4), the View Statistics Report link is active on the contextual menu (5)

    View Statistics Report


    Generating a Statistics Report

    1. Click on View Statistics Report (5) (see above).
    2. On the Course Reports page, click on the Action Link next to Course Usage Statistics and select Run (6).

    3. Run Report


    1. On the Run Reports page, select the output format of the report (7) (e.g., PDF, HTML, Word, or Excel), the start and end date (8) to query the report on, and (9) select the users. Note that charts will not display in Excel format. Run reports in HTML or PDF format if charts are required. Click Submit when all options have been selected.

    2. Report Information


    1. A pop-up window will display with the options to Open, Save or Save as.
    Save Report