Blackboard Profile and Privacy

    Setting up your Profile

    profileAccess your Blackboard profile anytime through My Blackboard. Click your name at the top right, and choose Edit My Profile to begin creating or updating your profile.

    The Blackboard profile is not the same as your Mason user account. The Mason user account is your official account at the school. Your name and netid/email address will always be visible in the course rosters of courses you are instructing.

    Faculty and staff can change "I am attending" to "I am employed by" to create a new profile.

    bb and myedu

    profileProfile Image

    After creating your account, choose Edit My Profile and then the Settings & Privacy button to upload your photo. (2)

    About Profile Images

    About Profile Privacy Settings

      • My Institution: If you select this option, anybody at your school can find and view you on the People page. They do not have to be enrolled in the same course or organization as you. Your name and image appear and users can view your profile card. This is required to use and edit your profile image with Collaborate Ultra.
      • Hidden: If you select this option, no users can find and view you on the People page. Your name and image appear throughout your courses but users cannot view your Profile card.