Course Home Page Notifications and Modules

    Modules provide information to users based on their enrollment and role. Actions such as new content added to a course, or setting the date of an assignment to be submitted, will automatically populate these modules. Not all users see content in each module - for example, the instructor will never see anything in the To Do list.

    The Modules

    announcements Announcements Module (created by faculty for students) Display important messages from instructors to students.
    My Tasks Module (created by faculty for students) Displays tasks set by instructors.
    my tasks 
     module whats new 2014What's New Module (for faculty and students) Displays a list of new items. Students see new course messages, new discussion board posts, new grades posted, new content that is available. Instructors see new course messages, new assignment and test submissions and new discussion board posts.
    Needs Attention Module (for faculty only) Displays all items in a course that require some type of interaction. Instructors see assignments, tests, and surveys that have been submitted.
    needs attention 
    Alerts Module (for faculty or students) Displays past due and early warning notifications for course. Instructors see users that have past due items. Links are provided to email students. Students see any assignments, tests, or other items that are past due.
    to do  To Do Module (for students only) - Displays to Students the status (Past Due/Due) of relevant course work and tasks. Students see any grade items that have listed due dates in two categories, what is past due and what is due in the future. Links to relevant course items are provided.