Kaltura Capture (NEW)

    Kaltura Capture

    Kaltura Capture offers users the ability to record both screen and camera in just one click. It also includes a new automatic slide detection feature – if a user has a PowerPoint presentation in presenter mode when recording the screen, Kaltura Capture automatically detects and captures it, allowing the viewer to search and browse by slide.

    **Kaltura's original CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder will remain available to all Mason community through the first half of 2019. Users can continue to use one or both versions**

    Kaltura Capture How-to Videos

    Kaltura Capture

     How to Download the new Kaltura Capture 

    1. Log in to https://mymason.gmu.edu and select the MyMedia link at the top. 
    2. Choose ADD NEW and select "Kaltura Capture (NEW)" from the drop down menu.  
    3. Download either Mac or Win versions and follow the install prompts.

    Launch the Application

    The first time you open Kaltura Capture, you must open it from within Blackboard > My Media > Add New. This links your Blackboard account to the Capture program. After this initial time, you can open the program directly from your computer.

    The Kaltura Capture Recorder is displayed.

    Recording Options

    Choose what you want to record. There are three options - choose any or all of them. Record screen (for PowerPoint or anything on your computer), video (webcam), and audio. If the icon is blue this will be part of the recording. Click the icon to deselect it.

    By default, all recording inputs are configured to the optimal quality available, so you can start recording. If you would like to change the default input settings, camera, screen or audio, please see the article Kaltura Personal Capture Recording Options for information on how to modify the default recording inputs.

    Create a Recording

    To create a recording

    1. Click the red button to start recording.

      To see other recording options, see Kaltura Personal Capture Recording Options.
    2. You will see a 5 second count down and then your recording will start.
    3. If you decide to cancel your recording during the 5 second countdown, click Cancel.
    4. When the recording begins, the duration of your recording is displayed in the Recording Menu.

    The Recording Menu

    The recording menu includes:

    • Stop recording button (white square) - Press to stop the recording. You will be prompted with a confirmation box. 

      If you choose Yes Stop it, the recording is stopped and the recording details are displayed. The recording tool moves to the new recording state. 
      If you choose NO, you are returned to the previous recording state (before clicking on the Stop button). For example, if you paused the recording before clicking STOP, you will be returned to the pause state; if you were recording before clicking STOP, you will return to the recording state.
    • Pause/Resume recording button (red circle) - You can pause or resume your recording at any time.
    • Cancel recording button (grey x)  - discard recording. Press to cancel the recording.You will be prompted with a confirmation box.

    • Elapsed time
    • Annotations- Click on the Pencil icon to open the Annotations options. Use the various tools to annotate. When you are through annotating, click the Pencil icon to return to the cursor mode.


      Annotations are available for Screen recordings only. Annotations are disabled if you are recording from your camera only.


      The annotations include:
      Audio Gauge
       - Displays the amplitude of the microphone being recorded or played
      Minimize icon

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    The following list the shortcuts that you can use for Kaltura Personal Capture Actions.

    Command for Mac


    Control for Win



     Start Recording


     Stop Recording


     Cancel Recording


     Clear all Notifications


     Go to Management


    Completing Your Recording

    After you "stop" your recording you will be directed to the entry page. If you clicked stop by mistake, you can always click Cancel and you will be returned to your recording in a paused state. If you want to complete the recording, enter the following information and click save:

    • Title of the recording
    • Description
    • Tags


    Select one of the following options:

    • Delete to delete your entry.
    • Save and Upload to upload to Blackboard or Course Media.
    • Save to save to your local Library only. You will be able to Upload at a later time from your media library.
    • Start a new recording - you will be prompted with a confirmation that you indeed want to leave.
    • Playback your recording.

    When you Save a recording without uploading it, the Management window opens with the Edit tab and displays the options to Upload or Delete your media. You can also select Delete all uploaded to delete all uploaded media files from your local storage.

    Click Upload. A pending status is displayed and a successful upload message appears when the upload is completed.

     Saving and Uploading Your Recording

    After you “Stop” recording, the following message is displayed.

    The process of uploading your recording to Blackboard MyMedia or a https//coursemedia.gmu.edu application is seamless.

    The followng message is displayed:

    The final message that your recording was saved successfully is displayed.

    All the recorded videos are stored locally in your Recordings directory. If you have not changed the Recordings directory during the installation, the default recording directory is C:\ProgramFiles\Kaltura\Capture\Recordings. (This is the same folder from the earlier version, CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder)

    Your recording is automatically uploaded to your Kaltura account (to the user specified in the “User ID” field in the Recording Details screen).

    Upload is done in the background regardless of the user that is logged in. After you save your recording, you can start a new one or log off and the recording will continue to upload.

    When you Click Here in the successful upload screen, you are automatically directed to your Kaltura Mediaspace or KAF instance.

    Closing Kaltura Capture While There is an Upload Running in the Background

    You may close the application in the midst of an upload.The following warning message will be displayed:

    Select No to close the confirmation popup. Select Yes to quit and close the confirmation popup, exit the application, and stop the upload.

    Viewing the Kaltura Capture Recording in Blackboard or Course Media

    To view the Kaltura Capture Recording

    1. Click on the link that is displayed next to your media in the Management Window 

      This link will bring you to the main MyMason homepage login and select My Media.
      The Kaltura Capture recorded media thumbnail is displayed in your MyMedia. If using https://coursemedia.gmu.edu you will be taken directly to the media. 
    2. Click on the media and then press Play.
    3. Use the Kaltura Player’s rich media viewing options to take full advantage of the multiple interactive viewing options for your recording. See Viewing Rich Media in the Kaltura Player for more information.

    Exiting the Kaltura Capture Application

    To Exit the Kaltura Capture Application

    1. In your Taskbar and Navigation Properties box, right click on the Kaltura Personal Capture Application icon.
    2. Select Quit to exit the application.

    To hide or show the Kaltura Capture Application 

    • Right click on the Kaltura Capture icon and select Show or Hide.
      Hiding the application does not exit the application.