My Media

    The Kaltura My Media library within Blackboard contains all media contributed by the user, regardless of the course. 

    From the user’s My Media Library, users can:

    • upload video, audio, and images
    • create a screen capture, record a PowerPoint presentation, record webcam video,  and record audio.
       (see CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder tool)
    • share media
    • Add bookmarks and chapter markers to video
    • Add a Quiz to a Video

    You can access your My Media library by clicking the My Media tab located on the top left of the home page in Blackboard

    my media home page

    You can also access My Media by clicking on the Kaltura Media tab located at the top left in the Courses or Organizations pages.

    My Media

    Media can be added by clicking Add New add new, and then uploading media from your computer, or creating a webcam recording or access the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.

    To Upload New Media from your Computer

    1. Select Add New and select Media Upload.

      Add new new

    2. Click Choose a File to Upload then locate and select a media from your computer.

      choose file

    3. Your video title along with a progress meter will appear.


    4. While the media is uploading-optionally enter a new title of the video, a description, and any keyword tags that may help in a search.


    5. Select Save

    Creating a Webcam Recording

    See Webcam Recordings

    Creating a Presentation via CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder

    See CaptureSpace

    Creating a Video Quiz

    See Creating a Video Quiz

    Managing Media

    edit main

    edit media 2
    Title of media (click to return to preview of media or to go back to My Media) (1); Details (Title, description and searchable tags) (2); Options-allow Clipping and Commenting (3); Collaboration-change or share ownership (4); Attachments- upload a supplemental file (5); Captions- add a caption file (6); Thumbnails-change the video thumbnail image (7); Downloads-select the quality of your download (8); Timeline- create chapters (9); Trim Video- edit your video (10); Create clip-create a copy or short clip from your video (11); Delete-remove media (12).

    Edit Tab Details


    Faculty and students can share media ownership to allow other users to edit, copy or publish media on their behalf. To share ownership see Sharing Ownership of Media.


    Faculty and students can add files as attachments to any Kaltura video and audio file. Attachments only appear in My Media and are not available to viewers. Common files to share are pdf, .ppt, .doc, .jpg, etc. 

    1. In the media's edit page select the Attatchments tab and click Upload File.

      attatch 1

    2. Add additional title and descriptions of your file and click + Select File.

      attach 2

    3. Click Save.


    Faculty and students can now add captions to media by uploading an existing .SRT or .DXFP file.To learn how to create your own .srt file go to How to Create an SRT File or for automated captioning visit Mason's Assistive Technology Initiative for more information.



    Users can control the forward facing image of their media in the player. This is an image seen before the media begins playing. 

    To set this image:

    1. In the media file's edit page select the Thumbnails tab.


    (1) Upload an image from your desktop and use it as the default thumbnail for your media.

    (2) Use the above player to to seek the frame you would like to use as your default thumbnail and then click on the Capture button.  

    (3) Select one thumbnail from ten automatically generated thumbnails of this video and set it as the default thumbnail.


    Users must now select a format size of the media before downloading from the cloud. Available format sizes may vary and are based on the original source media upload (small, medium, large, and Source). 


    By selecting a format size you will enable the download button that will now appear on the player. Select Go to Media to download media.

    *NOTE: If you do not select a format you will NOT have access to the download button. The download button is OFF by default on the course player.


    Users can place chapter markers along the timeline of a video. The chapter markers allow viewers to go directly to a designated point in a video. To add chapters to your media see How to Create Video Chapters.

    Trim Video

    To remove unwanted content from the beginning or end of your video., use the trim tool. 

    There are three ways to trim video: enter exact timecode from the player, drag and drop the film strip, or move the play head (the read line marker) and select Set Starting/End Point. 

    trim tool kaltura