Sharing Videos Outside of Blackboard

    Videos uploaded to MyMedia in Blackboard can also be shared externally. To create a public-facing link for your video or other media, you will need to access the Course Media website and publish the media as unlisted.

    1. Navigate to

    2. Click the LOGIN HERE text on the top right corner of the page and select LOGIN.

    3. Enter your Mason credentials. If you are already authenticated through Blackboard, then your browser may skip this step. 

    4. Click on the My Media tab to view your media library. Locate the video you would like to share and click the title. 

    5. Click the Actions button below the video preview on the right side of the page. Select Publish from the options. The Publish options will appear on the page. Select Unlisted and click the Save button to save the settings. You will see a green confirmation message once settings are saved.

    6. Click the Share tab. There are two options for sharing the video:

      • Link to Media Page – This public link will direct users to the video preview page on the Course Media site. Since the video is published as Unlisted, only users with the link will be able to access the video. 

      • Embed – This html code can be used to embed the video player directly into a webpage or application.