Enrolling Users into Organizations

    The Enroll User feature enables Leaders and Assistants to manually add users to an Organization and set their organization role.

    1. In the Control Panel of your Organization, select Users under Users and Groups


    2. Select Enroll User - Find Users to Enroll find user

    3. Click on Browse (if you know the Username (Mason NetID) you can just type it into the field to the left of Browse)

        1. Search the existing myMason user database by Last Name or for each individual student or employee you wish to enroll. You may want to also search Username (Mason NetID) or e-Mail address

          users search 3a

        2. Select the check box for the user

          users search 3b

        3. Click Submit
    1. Select the Role for the new user. Organization Roles are explained here.


    1. Press Submit.

    *Note: If the participant is already enrolled in the organization, his/her name will not appear in the list.