Organizations Leader Quick Guide

    myMason Login

    To gain access to myMason Portal follow the steps below:

    • Open a browser, type in the web address:
    • Click in the Username field and enter your Mason NetID(the first portion of your e-mail address, before the @).
    • Click in the Password field and use your Strong Password(PatriotPass credentials)
    • Click on the Login button or press Enter.

    login portal

    Accessing an Organization

    Once you have logged in you can access the organization your are leading or participating in, follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the Organizations Tab organization tab

      Note: A module labeled My Organizations will appear on this tab

    1. Click on the name of the Organization in which you want to view or edit.

    myorganizations list

    Viewing as a Participant
    To view documents from your instructor/leader

    1. Click on the content areas on the left hand side navigation of your organization
    content areas

    Making edits as a Leader
    Edit Mode Switch
    The Edit mode button is located in the uppper-right corner of every page and must be "On" in order to access the editing tools. The switch image shows you what state the page is in

     edit mode onEdit = On means that the editing tools are visible for the instructor or the leader.
     edit mode offEdit = Off means that the page is displaying what the students will see.

    Control Panel and Organizational Tools
    All Organization Management tools are now located withing the Control Panel underneath the left hand side navigation of your Organization. All the tools are located within a sub-menu which can be access by clicking the left expand arrow.

     expand arrow

    Content Areas - Building Content
    Content can be placed into a Content Area by clicking in the left hand side navigation and opening the Content Area. There are 4 categories for content: Build Content, Assessments, Tools, and Partner Content.

    build content

    Build Content contains all types of content you can create within your course. There are options to create content, create a new page, or create a Mashup. All of this content can be organized in folders to create a structure and flow through the organization.

    Create Assessment allow you to add the following: Test, Surveys, Assignments and Self and Peer Assessments. All of these items will automatically generate a column in the Grade Center

    Add Interactive Tools can be used to collaborate with the students in your course. The tools available in the menu include: Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Groups, Chat and Virtual Classroom.

    Partner Content feature allow you to add the textbooks that you use within your course as a content