Student Quick Guide

    What is Collaborate?

    Blackboard Collaborate, a synchronous learning management tool that makes possible, real time, interactive activities through the Courses and Organizations environments. It can be used to help facilitate face-to-face interactions between students and faculty as well as between students. Common uses include online office hours, virtual presentations and collaboration spaces that can be used by students.

    Access your Collaborate Session

    1. Log into with your Mason NetID and password
    2. Select the Courses or Organizations Tab
    3. Choose the course or organization from the course/organization list that will be conducting the session you need to attend
    4. The instructor/leader may put the link anywhere within a course/organization; however it will always be available from the Tools menu item, under Blackboard Collaborate
    5. Click on the Collaborate image to be directed to the session

    Tips on Participating in Session

    • Find a comfortable place with out distractions
    • Before your first session visit the Blackboard Collaborate Support Center and click on "For First Time Users: Getting Started"
    • Use the Audio Setup Wizard to ensure that the audio is working correctly prior to your session
    • Refer to the Participant Interface Guide

    participant interface

    In Session
    • Be sure to join the session 5-15 minutes prior to the start time
    • Set your Connection Speed to the Internet
    • Use the Audio Setup Wizard to test your microphone and speakers
    • Participate in the session by responding to questions, polls and providing feedback to the moderator
    • Raise your hand hand when you have a question or a comment
    • Use Chat to send text message to moderators and other participants during the session

    Note: Remember that running other applications on your computer can slow your connection to the session.