View your grades and Instructor feedback

    To learn how to view your grades in a course, click on the video link above. Check with your instructor to see if they are using the Blackboard grade book.

    View Grade Details

    Grades can be accessed through a course by clicking on My Grades or through the Blackboard Global Navigation.

    My Grades in a Course

    my grades
    Global Navigation
    SP11 Global Nav

    global navigation my grades

    By default items are listed in course order. You have the ability to change the order to Course Order, Last Activity or Due Date with the Order by pulldown menu.

    * Calculated grades (or Weighted total) may not be used in your course. It is okay for this column to be zero.

    Instructor Feedback

    Instructors can provide feedback by entering comments attached to your grade or uploading a file attachment with more information. These comments can be found along with your grades in My Grades or in the Global Navigation Grades.

    grade status