Submitting video to an Assignment

    Submitting video to an Assignment

    1. Enter the course you where you would like to submit your video assignment.
    2. In your course click Assignments in the course menu.

      student assignments

    3. Click on Type Submissions (1) to reveal the text editor; click on the drop down menu to reveal more functions in the text editor (2); select Mashups and from the drop down menu choose Kaltura Media (3).


    4.  Choose Add New add new to: upload a new video file (Media Upload), record from your webcam, or use CaptureSpace to record a presentation. Or, select media previously added to Kaltura.

      Add New

    5. If uploading a file, wait until the blue progress bar reaches 100% and turns green, make any changes (such as the Name), and Save.

      upload complete

    6. Click Back to Browse and Embed.


    7. Choose the media you uploaded or other media you wish to submit to the assignment and click Select.


    8. Your video will appear in the text editor.


    9. Click Submit to finish adding your video to the assignment.