Requiring Respondus Monitor (including LockDown Browser) for tests

    I. Description

    Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom web browser application that does not allow a student visit another website, access other applications on their computer, copy, or print, while taking a test in Blackboard. An instructor can apply the LockDown requirement to any test in Blackboard.

    Respondus Monitor is an additional option that records webcam audio and video of the student taking the test. This ensures student identity, and that the student is following the instructor's requirements such as closed book or working alone. Instructors can review the video after the test is complete.

    Students are required to:

    • Install and use the LockDown Browser application instead of a normal web browser
    • Have a webcam that passes Monitor's Startup Sequence

    Student instructions and the LockDown Browser download link can be found in the Respondus Tools module located in the Courses tab on the myMason website. Student Instructions >>

    II. Set up: How to Require LockDown Browser and Monitor

    These instructions assume you already have a test built in your Blackboard course.

    1. Select Course Tools from your courses's Control Panel
    2. Select Respondus Lockdown Browser
    3. Click on the Settings button next to a test and choose Modify Settings.
    4. Select the "Require Respondus Lockdown Browser for this test" option (normally only used in a proctored environment)
    5. Optionally, enter a password students will need to enter to begin the test*
    6. Optionally, if you wish to require Monitor choose "Require Respondus Monitor" for this exam. More options will open.
    7. Uncheck any of the Startup Steps your students do not need to complete.
    8. Click Save and Close
    Screenshot of Respondus settings

    Screenshot of Respondus settings

    You should now see the status of your exam with the required LockDown Browser and webcam monitoring. The test name is appended to notify students LockDown Browser is required.

    Screenshot of Respondus status

    * The optional password entered in Step 5 will overwrite any password you entered on the Blackboard Test Options page. The LockDown browser will add an encrypted password to the Blackboard Test Options page. While the encrypted password will not match the LockDown password, DO NOT CHANGE THIS PASSWORD on the Blackboard Test Options page. Give your students the password you entered in the Respondus tool.

    Setup Troubleshooting

    Warning: To preserve the settings used by LockDown Browser, do NOT modify these settings in Blackboard's Test Options page: 1) Name 2) Open Test in a New Window, 3) Require a password, 4) Password. If these settings have been modified the test status in the Respondus tool will appear as an "Error." If the instructor changes settings in the Test Options or other errors occur, return to the Respdonus tools page and click the "Fix it!" button next to a test.

    Blackboard's File Response question type is not supported in LockDown Browser as it could lead to potential exploit through the dialog box.

    Best Practices

    Have students complete a practice test that uses Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser to make sure they have the browser and webcam installed correctly.

    Student instructions include an important tech check of the webcam. Adobe Flash must be installed on the student's computer. Student Instructions >>

    III. Reviewing Webcam Videos

    Once the student has completed and submitted the exam, instructors can access information about the exam sessions and can review the recorded videos. Note that the Respondus Monitor is intended to be a deterrent, so it is up to the instructor to determine the level of review warranted. Adobe Flash is required to view video.

    To review student videos:

    1. Select Course Tools from your course's Control Panel
    2. Select Respondus LockDown Browser
    3. Click on the Setting button next to the test and choose Class Results.
    4. A roster of the students in the course is shown, along with the date, time, duration of the test and grade (if applicable).
    5. Click [+] to expand the section for a student.
    6. Results are ordered by review priority, as determined by algorithm. Details of the startup sequence and the exam session are shown in the thumbnails. Click a thumbnail to view the video from the time indicated. Videos can be marked as reviewed, flagged or have comments added by the instructor.