How to Share Media

    Sharing Ownership of Media

    Kaltura allows users to add Co-Editors and Co-Publishers to media by selecting the Collaboration tab in their My Media library.

    • Co-Editors can edit entry's details and metadata, trim media, replace media, edit captions, edit chapters and slides (but cannot delete media or add new co-editors and co-publishers).
    • Co-Publisher can publish the media to any course they have access to in Blackboard.


    To add a Collaborator to your media:

    1. Go to Kaltura My Media

    2. Select a media item by clicking Edit.


    3. Select the Collaboration tab below the media.
    4. Click Add Collaborator.


    5. You can add students, staff, or any other faculty member as a Collaborator. When typing the collaborator's name in the search field you can use the auto-complete function (from 3rd letter and on) to assist with user ids.

    NOTE: Only users who have previously uploaded or created media using Kaltura will be available to add as collaborators.

    6. Select Co-Editor and/or Co-Publisher.
    7. Click ADD.

    Co-Owner/Co-Editor Access

    Now, on your Co-Owner/Editor's My Media page, they must change Media I Own to Media I Can Publish/Edit in order to view and add the media. Please let them know!

    Selecting one of these filters will display the entries where they have that collaborate privilege. 

    media i own