How to Upload and Publish Media to a Course

    Kaltura offers several ways to upload media directly to your course. This assumes you have a media file on your computer that you area ready to upload. 

    Video and audio files can be uploaded and added to any area under Blackboard's (1) Build Content button or by using the (2) text editor.

    1) Build Content:

    1. Select any content area where you want your media (e.g. video) to be placed.
    2. Click on Build Content and select Kaltura Media.
      Build Content
    3. On the My Media choose the Add New button and Media Upload to upload new media (or select an existing item).
      Add Media
    4. Click Choose a file to upload then locate and select a media from your computer.Choose File
    5. While the media is uploading, give the item a Name and Save
    6. Once the media upload has finished click "Back to Browse and Embed" at the bottom of the screen.
    7. Click the Select button next to your media.
      Select Media
    8. Name the item, choose any options, and Submit.

    2) Text Editor:

    Media can be uploaded via Kaltura anywhere Blackboard's text editor is available (discussion board, journal, item description, assignment submission, etc.).
    1. Navigate to the area where you want your video to be placed.
    2. For example, the content area's text editor (e.g. select the Build Content and choose Create>Item to access the text editor).
      Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9
    3. If necessary, click the down arrow on the text editor (top right) to reveal more options.
    4. Click Mashups, then Kaltura Media.
    5. Follow the steps above.
    6. Your video will be placed in the text editor.
    7. Name the item, choose any options, and Submit.

    Suggestions for Successful Uploads

    • Some browsers limit upload file size to 2 GB.
    • Do not leave the page until your upload status is green and says "done."
    • Make sure you are using a fast Internet connection and that the computer does not sleep during the upload process.
    • After content is uploaded it may take several minutes for the content to encoded in the proper format for Playback.
    • View our Frequently Asked Questions for more tips and help.