Placing Video in the Course Content Area

    Placing Video to the Course Content Area

    1. Go to a Content Area in your Blackboard course site (Assignments, Discussions, etc.)

    2. For example, choose Course Content click Build Content and then select Item from the drop down menu.

      course content item

    3. Title the content item. Click the Mashups icon in the text editor and choose Kaltura Media from the drop down menu.

      content area

    4. In the your My Media pop up window you can select media from your main My Media library, the course Media Gallery, or the faculty Shared Repository (1); Search for a previously uploaded media (2); click the Add New button to upload new video (or create a screen capture or webcam recording) (3); Or preview and select a video previously uploaded from the thumbnail list (4).

      build item

    5. Click Add New and choose either Media Upload to upload new video from your computer or Webcam Recording/Screen Recording to initiate a recording session.


    6. Locate your media from the thumbnail list and click Select (4). Your media will be placed in the course content text editor.


    7. Enter the Name content, edit any fields inside the text editor or add additional information, attachments etc

    8. Select Submit

      Suggestions for Successful Upload

      • 2 Gb is the file size limit for upload.
      • A large file may take an hour or more to upload.
      • Do not leave the page until your upload status is "done".
      • Make sure you are using a fast Internet connection and that the computer does not sleep during the upload process.
      • After content is uploaded it may take several minutes for the content to encoded in the proper format for Playback.
      • You cannot upload video from a tablet.