Using the Media Gallery in a Course (optional)

    The Blackboard course Media Gallery is an optional Kaltura content area for your course media. If you choose to use the course Media Gallery--You and your students can add, search, and share videos directly in a designated course area. Students can also publish to the course Media gallery, but instructor approval is required for public display in the course.

    *If you prefer to embed media directly inside a content area, assignments, discussions, etc then see How to Upload and Share Media to a Course.

    Adding a Media Gallery link to your course menu will allow you and your students a quick access to the Media gallery.

    1. Locate the   kaltura plus sign and select tool link menu (1).

      kaltura course menu

    2. Choose a name that will appear in the course menu list (e.g. Course Video, Weekly Video Lectures, etc) and select Media Gallery from the drop down menu (2). Check the box Available to Users if students will access the gallery (3).

      kaltura available

    3. Select Submit (4).

    Now you are ready to upload, add, and manage video to the course Media Gallery.

    Uploading Video to the Media Gallery

    The Media Gallery in Blackboard can be used to share videos (that both you and your students can add) within your Blackboard course. Video added to the Media Gallery will also appear in the users My Media library.


    Videos can be added by selecting the AMbutton button at the top of the Media Gallery page. Selecting the AMbutton will open your My Media library.


    You can (1) upload or create new media (webcam or screen capture), (2) Filter and organize existing media, (3) Search media in your My Media library, (4) Preview existing media, and (5) select and publish media to a course Media Gallery.

    To Publish media to a course Media Gallery:

    1. Locate the video you wish to place in the course Media Gallery
    2. Check the box adjacent to the selected media
    3. Click Publish

     *If you are creating new content (webcam recording or screen capture) you must first create the content, then follow the above 3 steps to Publish.

    ALERT: All videos added to Media Gallery will be marked private and hidden from students by default. The Instructor of the course must approve the media before the video/audio is made public to the course.

    To approve a submitted video/audio and make public and viewable to the course do the following:

    1. Go to the course Media Gallery.
    2. Click the link Browse Pending.


       3.Select a pending media and choose Approve or Reject.

    pending 2

    REMEMBER: Video you remove from a course remains in the users My Media library.