Organization Roles

    Organization Roles control access to the content and tools within an Organization. Users are assigned a role for each Organization in which they participate. For example, a User with a role of Assistant in one Organization can have a role of Student in another Organization.

    The Organization Role is set when a User is enrolled. It can also be edited after enrollment from the Control Panel.

    Organization Roles determine access to the following:

    • Organization Files/Content Collection - Add/Edit organization content
    • Grade Center - Grade participant submissions; Create and edit grade columns and values
    • Organization Tools - Access all the organization tools
    • Evaluation - Run Reports, Performance Dashboard and Access to Retention 
    • Users - Create/Edit/Delete Users from the Organization
    • Groups - Add/Edit/Delete Groups in the Organization
    • Customization - Access to Enrollment Options, Guest and Observer Access, Properties, Quick Setup Guide, Teaching Style, and Tool Availability
    • Packages and Utilities - Perform archiving functions of the organization, Bulk Delete, Organization Copy


    Access to all areas of the Organization

    Cannot delete another Leader.
    Assistant  - Role is that of a co-leader
    Has the same access to the Organization as the Leader

    Users (Limited)

    Cannot delete an Leader.

    Can only add a Participant and remove a user from the Organization.

    Organization Builder
    Course Files

    Course Tools

    Users (limited)


    Packages & Utilities

    Can only add a Participant and remove a user from the course.


    No access to Grade Center, Evaluations, Course Reports or Statistics.

    Organization Files

    Organization Tools (limited)


    Grade Center

    Packages & Utilities (limited)

    Access in Organization Tools limited to Assessments and Rubrics.

    Access to assist in creation, management, delivery, and grading of Assessments. 

    Cannot access if the Organization is unavailable to Participants.

    Cannot add or remove Organization Content.

    Cannot add, edit, or remove users.

    Participant Can view content only.

    Add content to interactive features.

    Submit assessments

    No access to Course Control Panel.
    No access to the Control Panel and can only access areas that have been made available to Guests by the Leader.
    No access to participant grades or collaboration tools (i.e. Discussion Board).