Taking a test online

    Click on the video link above to learn how to take a test online. This does not cover tests on a mobile device.

    Tips for taking a test online:

    1. Take your time and wait for the browser's status bar to be resolved before moving to the next question.
    2. Avoid wireless internet. Wireless can be intermittent or sporadic.
    3. If the test questions are all on one page or you are submitting an essay questions, click the Save button every 10 to 15 minutes. Typing or clicking answers is not considered activity. Clicking the Save button keeps the connection to Blackboard active.
    4. Do not click any buttons on your browser, especially the Back button. Refresh, minimizing or maximizing can affect resolution-specific questions like math equations.
    5. Do not double click on Save or Submit buttons.
    6. Do not use the mouse scroll-wheel. This may inadvertently change your choices in multiple choice questions.
    7. At the end of an exam, be sure to select Save and Submit or Submit.
    8. If you get locked out of your test or have missed the test deadline, it is the instructor's decision whether or not to let you attempt the test again. The Support Center or Blackboard Support cannot reset a test for you.

    What if something goes wrong?

    • Most tests allow you to log back into the test if you have a problem. The test instructions at the top of the page will tell you if you are allowed to log back in (if there is a timer, it will continue to count down even when you are not in the test).
    • If you can still access the test, try a different browser.
    • Document any problems you have or any error messages you receive. This is best accomplished by taking a screenshot or a cell phone photo of your screen.
    • Contact your instructor immediately to let them know a problem occurred.

    If this test requires the Respondus LockDown browser, you must download this application and take the test using that browser. More Information >>