Creating a Screen Capture Recording

    Kaltura's Screen Capture tool is located in the CaptureSpace desktop recorder. The CaptureSpace screen capture tool can be used to record your computer screen along with audio/webcam video.

    You will 1) access CaptureSpace via Kaltura My Media. Once your recording is finished and uploaded, 2) then place the video in your course.


    After logging into Blackboard (, access My Media and select Add New. From the drop down menu select CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder. If this is your first time using CaptureSpace you will need to download and install the program on your Mac or PC. Instructions can found here: CaptureSpace.

    Once CaptureSpace desktop recorder opens select Screen or Screen & Web Cam-chose the web cam if you want to also have a picture-in-picture style web cam of yourself. 


    You will be prompted with a screen selector (if you have more than one screen monitor connected to your computer you may choose between them). Select Full Screen capture or Select Area capture (you choose the area of the screen to record). 

    Once selected press record to begin recording.

    Note: You will see a 5 second countdown before your screen recording begins.

    Once the recording is completed, select done to review or edit your recording. In Edit mode you can trim, chop, add a title, or credits to your recording.

    When you are finished editing or reviewing your screen capture select select Done

    Add the metadata (Title, description, tags) to your video via the Upload Options tab.

    screen cap upload

    Adding a title, description and any searchable tags will help with later search options for both you and your Instructor to help find your video.

    Select the UPLOAD button to begin the upload directly into your Blackboard My Media library-this will also save a hard copy (mp4) on your local drive. 

    Select PREVIEW to return to the edit/preview window. Select SAVE to save the media to your local drive and upload at a later date.

    NOTE: Clicking the SAVE button only saves the media to your local drive and will not appear in your Blackboard My Media until you initiate the upload process via the library tab. 

    Once the media appears in your My Media Library you can now add the screen capture to your course.

    Go to the area of the course you wish to place the media and locate the text editor.

    (* The mashups tool and Kaltura Media tool is available in any content area's text editor--such as Discussions, Blogs, or Wikis).


    A new page will open (this is your My Media Library). Next, click the Select button next to your Screen Recording.

    To Review

    Create a Screen Recording follow these steps:

    • Click on the ADD NEW button to launch the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder
    • Select Screen or Screen & Web Cam
    • Choose 1080p for your screen recording resolution
    • Set your microphone and levels.
    • Choose the area to capture and click the Record button
    • Once you complete the recording, review the result and then click the Upload button
    • After the upload is complete you will be able to enter the metadata for the entry and save it


    • If selecting an are of your screen remember to resize the dotted line to match the area you wish to record.
    • Always check your mic input and set your audio levels.