Submitting Video to a Course

    Submitting Video to a Course 

    Video and audio files can be submitted anywhere in a course via the text editor's Mashup tool. 

    1. Enter the course you where you would like to submit your video.

    2. Select the area you would like to upload and submit your video (eg., Discussions, Journal, Blog, etc)

    3. For example, in Discussions you would click on create or reply to a new or existing thread. This will open content editor. In Assignments, choose the "Write Submission" button.

    4. Expand the toolbars (if necessary), choose the Mashups, and select Kaltura Media from the drop down menu.

      expand add

    5. Either 1) Select Add New from your My Media pop up window to upload a new video or audio file, create a webcam video, or record a presentation/screen recording with CaptureSpace or, 2) Select from the list of previously uploaded media.


    6. Your selected video will appear in the text editor. Type a Subject heading.


    7. Click Submit to add the video to your course.