Submitting video to an Assignment

    Submitting Video to an Assignment

    1. Enter the course and find the video assignment.

    2. Click on Write Submission (1) to reveal the text editor; click on the drop down menu to reveal more functions in the text editor (2); select Mashups and from the drop down menu choose Kaltura Media (3).


    3.  Choose Add New New to: upload a new video file (Media Upload), record from your webcam, or use Kaltura Capture to record a presentation. Or, you can select media previously added to Kaltura. (Students on their mobile device, can choose Media Upload to easily select a video recorded on their device.)

      add new

    4. If uploading a file, wait until the blue progress bar reaches 100% and turns green. Make any changes (such as the Name).

      upload complete

    5. Click the Save and Embed button.


    6. Your video will appear as a yellow box in the text editor. You will not see the video until you submit.


    7. Click Submit to finish adding your video to the assignment.