Ultra: Collaborate Ultra Introduction

    All Spring 2017 courses and new Organizations will default to Collaborate Ultra. To learn more:

    How do I get started?

    In your Blackboard course menu, click Tools and then Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Just click "Join Room" to begin! Detailed Help >

    I see two Collaborates in my course.

    Ultra is the new, and recommended version. We suggest you hide the other version from your students to avoid confusion. In your course go to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability.


    Notable differences from the previous version:

    • Each time you stop and start a recording, a new recording is created - there is no pause option.
    • Collaborate sessions and recordings cannot be shared between courses. Use the guest link to provide access to more than one course. The recording link can be copied and the url shared with anyone or download the recording and upload to Kaltura.

    How can I make recordings from the original version of Collaborate available?

    Convert your recordings into mp4, download, and upload to Kaltura. Instructions »

    Mobile Access

    Mobile access to Collaborate Ultra is via the Bb Student app. Instructors can use to app for Collaborate Ultra access; the Bb Instructor app coming soon will include access to Collaborate Ultra.


    Collaborate Ultra Help and FAQs (recordings, sharing sessions, guests) »


    Comparison Chart

    End User Tools (Feature)
    Application Sharing
    checkmarkcheckmarkChanged: Application sharing is noticeably faster and easier to use. To learn more from the moderator's perspective.

    Restriction: Application sharing requires Chrome or Firefox (49+). Students/Participants can view Application sharing with any browser.

    Attendance Tracking
    checkmarkcheckmarkChanged: Attendance is not integrated with the Grade Center, but a report can be generated which shows attendance.
    Audio and Video
    checkmarkcheckmarkChanged: The Ultra experience uses the new WebRTC standard giving a high definition experience with superior image and sound quality for users with Google Chrome or Firefox. Browsers that do not yet support WebRTC will receive and share audio, video and application sharing using the Flash plugin.
    Breakout Roomscheckmarkcheckmark 
    checkmarkcheckmarkUnchanged: Users can still chat during a session. Moderators may disable chat in their session.

    Restriction: Chat is not part of the recording and Chat cannot be saved.

    File Sharing
    checkmarkcheckmarkChanged: Like application sharing, file sharing is faster and easier to use. Uploaded files are accessible during the specific session they are uploaded to.
    Live Closed Captioning
    checkmarkcheckmarkChanged: Sessions can include live closed captioning. Moderators must make participants captioners. Captioners type what is being said during a session. Other participants can view what is being typed in real time. You can have multiple captioners for multiple languages
    RecordingcheckmarkcheckmarkUnchanged: Moderators can record their sessions and share them. The recordings are saved as MP4 files. Users can stream or download them to view them. Chat is not part of the recording and Chat cannot be saved.


    ProfilescheckmarkcheckmarkChanged: Users will have access to simple profiles with their names and the ability to add profile pictures.
    Teleconference Phone Number
    Changed: Users have access to a generate teleconference number, after joining a collaborate room. The teleconference line is limited to 25 users who dial in.
    Not Available Yet
    WhiteboardcheckmarkcheckmarkChanged: Users have access to a basic whiteboard, which includes basic annotation and text entry tools for making edits.

    ModeratorcheckmarkcheckmarkUnchanged: Moderators continue to have the same privileges in their sessions.
    checkmarkNew: Presenter is a new role created to allow students to present content without giving them full moderator privileges.
    ParticipantcheckmarkcheckmarkUnchanged: Participants continue to have same privileges in sessions they attend. Session limit of 250 participants.
    checkmarkNew: This new role is designed to provide an accessible learning experience for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as for students whose native language is different from the moderator's

    AccessibilitycheckmarkcheckmarkChanged: Some of the accessibility features include full-screen reader support of all key workflows, whiteboard activities, and uploaded files. Global keyboard shortcuts for common actions are also supported.
    DownloadscheckmarkcheckmarkChanged: Entirely browser-based. No downloads or installs are required.
    Mobilecheckmarkcheckmark Available via Bb Student Mobile App