Kaltura Description

Kaltura is a video management tool that allows faculty and students to easily create, host, and share video and audio inside the Blackboard course environment. The benefit of using Kaltura:

  • Videos will be streamed. Students will not have to download the video files and students with slower connections will be able to see the videos.
  • Videos will work on any computer, tablet,and mobile devices with any bandwidth connection
  • Videos are easily managed and reusable to other courses

Users upload audio and video directly to Blackboard using the Kaltura Media Mashup tool. Media uploaded will reside in the users My Media Library - a personal cloud based storage area. Need to create a presentation or screen recording - use Kaltura CaptureSpace.

In the My Media library, users can choose to manage their media across all their courses, create screen recordings, or capture web cam video. Faculty can also share media with fellow instructors.

For more information on getting started using Kaltura:


The Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder enables easy recording with automated publishing and interactive viewing within Blackboard. Once downloaded (PC and MAC) users can create webcam recordings, screen captures, audio lectures, and video presentations playable with an interactive viewer. Find out more >

Share Ownership
One new feature is the ability for the owner of a video to assign ownership to others – so multiple people can add the same video to multiple courses. This has been a long requested feature. Find out more >

Create Chapters
Another new feature in your My Media-Edit area is Chapters, which allows you to set bookmarks in a video. This allows the viewer to jump to spots in the video.

Also on the My Media-Edit page, you can now upload captioning (srt) files directly to the video.

WebCam Saving
WebCam recordings look a bit different. You MUST click the Save button overlay on the video after recording. The other save button is to save metadata, it is not required. See more >

Course Media Gallery
In Bb courses, Kaltura previously used both the term course gallery and media gallery in different places, it is now called “Media Gallery” everywhere.