Student View Tool

    Blackboard/Courses 9.1 includes an Edit Mode On/Off feature which gives the instructor a sense of how the course will look to the students. Edit Mode does not allow the instructor to take tests, view student only features, or have a test user to try various Blackboard functions. (Watch a short demo video by clicking the camera icon at the top right of your screen.)

    The Student Preview allows an instructor to create a fully functional student account for each course and easily switch between the instructor and student accounts. Instructors can:
    • See course content exactly how students will see it.
    • Test exams and assignments submission.
    • Verify or troubleshoot issues students may have in a course.
    • Create blog and discussion posts as well as journal and wiki entries.
    • View the student's My Grades tool.

    How to Use

    Select a course from your Course List where you are an instructor. Make sure Edit Mode is ON. Under the myMason menu, select the Student Preview icon.

    Student Preview


    An account will be created and you will be logged in as the Preview student. You can now view and interact with the course and all actions will appear as any other student, including submissions in the Grade Center. The Student Preview bar appears at the top of every page.


    To go back to your own account, choose "Exit Preview" on the orange student preview bar.


    Please Note (if you leave the Preview account in your course)

    • The Preview student account will be included in all statistics including test averages and course statistics.
    • The Preview student account will be enrolled in randomly distributed groups.