Course Copy

    The Course Copy tool allows an Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Course Builder to copy content from one course to another course. The user must be an Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Course Builder in both courses to be able to perform a course copy.

    Watch the overview video or read instructions below.

    course copy video

    sel pkgs and utils sp11

    1. From your course list, select the course you wish to copy FROM (the source course.)

    2. Select Packages and Utilities link from the Control Panel.

    3. Select Course Copy.                      

    4. Select the options for the Course Copy.

    - Click on Browse to select the course you want to copy to (your new course).

    - Select the Course Materials you would like to copy.

    - If you are copying Tests, be sure to check off:

    • The content folder(s) that contains tests (like Assessments),
    • "Grade Center Columns and Settings," and
    • "Tests, Surveys, and Pools"


    5. In section 3, Mason generally recommends the default "Copy links and copies of the content" option. However, if you have content stored, but not available to students, in your course or you have video package files (like from Camtasia) choose the third "Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder)" option.

    course copy file attachments

    6. Click on the Submit button to initiate the course copy. sp11 submit

    7. You will receive an email when the copy has been completed. Note: If you do not see the copied materials after receiving the email, please wait 15 minutes for the process to fully complete.

    After your course copy, you can move all dates (announcements, due dates, etc.) automatically. Read more about the Date Management Tool.

    For more information on Blackboard Collaborate please read Collaborate Recordings and Course Copy.