There are two methods to integrate videos in your Blackboard course.

    Add Lynda to Course

    Option 1

    Within any Blackboard course content area, mouse over Build Content and choose " Course." will suggest videos based on your course name; or you can browse and search through all videos on

    Preview videos and click the "Add" button to make it available to students in your course.



    Option 2

    This option allows you to link directly to a specific video or lesson in a larger course.

    1. Visit and log in.

    2. Find and access the course and optionally the specific video you want to link to.

    3. Click the Share button at the top of any page and copy URL under "Share this video/course within your organization." "Course" links to the front page of the entire course while "video" is a direct link to one video in the course menu.

    Lynda website

    4. Paste the URL link anywhere in your course in Blackboard. For example, using Build Content > Web Link.

    Add Lynda Web Link to Course

    Students will log in with their Mason username and password to access the video.