Archiving Courses

    Archiving a course allows the instructor to make an exact copy or a permanent record of the course including all the content, user interactions, and grades at the time of the copy. Archiving the course can give a professor access to the course in the future. You must save and maintain the archive file on your own computer or backup medium (cloud storage like OneDrive, external hard drive, MESA, flash drive, etc.).

    Keep in mind:

    • While the archive is in progress, do not make any changes to the course. Please wait until the confirmation email has been received and the completion has been confirmed.
    • The archive package should not be unzipped or edited as doing so will corrupt the archive file.
    • The archive file is designed to be reused in a new Blackboard site, and cannot be accessed on your computer.

    Initiating the Archive process

    1. From the Control Panel, select Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course.

    select archive

    2. Select the Archive Course button


    3. Select the check box in Section 1 if you would like to include Grade Center History.  

    In Section 2, Mason recommends accepting the defaults "Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory." and "Copy only links to files stored outside of the course default directory.".

    archive settings

    4. Click the Submit button. You will see the Success message across the top.

    5. You will receive an email to your Mason account once the Archive .zip file is ready. This may take several hours for large courses.

    Downloading the archive file

    6. From the Export/Archive Course page (see above), click on the archive .zip file name (you may need to click the Refresh button to see the file).

    7. Find a location you would like to save your file and save.


    Additional Information

    Archive .zip files will automatically be removed from your course after 30 days. You must download them before this time period.

    Please note: The archive .zip file can only be uploaded to Blackboard by a System Admin. Contact Us to restore or retrieve information from the course.