How to Create Interactive Video Quizzes

    Creating and Working with Interactive Video Quizzes

    The new Quiz tool (IVQ) enables quiz creators to provide students with online quizzes defined by the Instructor and custom-tailored to the needs of the students.

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    *IMPORTANT: Grading Feature

    Kaltura Video Quiz tool is available in your MyMedia. Video Quizzes can be placed anywhere in a course-just like any media. 

    However, if you want to integrate student scores from the Video Quiz into the Grade Center, you must first turn on the tool in each of your Blackboard courses. Kaltura Video Quiz grading is only available in Assessments.

    1. Go to your course and select Customization located in the Control Panel from the Course Management sidebar. 
    2. Select Tool Availability from the drop down menu.
    3. Scroll down the Kaltura Quiz and check Available in Content area (4th empty box) and then select Submit.

    How to Add Grading to a Video Quiz

    Video quizzes can be automatically added to the grading center and scored when using the Kaltura Video Quiz tool located in Assessments.
    1. Go to Assessment
    2. Select Kaltura Video Quiz from the drop down menu
    3. Select your Video Quiz from the MyMedia window
    4. Title your Quiz and select any other optional parameters
    5. Select Submit.
    You will now see a new column created in the grade center and scores will populate as students complete the video quiz.

    How to Create a Video Quiz

    1. Log into Blackboard and click MyMedia in the green ribbon.
    2. Click the Add New drop-down menu and choose Video Quiz from the list.

      The Media Selection window opens.

    3. In the Media Selection window, choose the video that you want to create a quiz for.
    4. Click Select next to the desired video. After you select your video, MyMedia automatically loads the video and opens the Quiz Editor’s General window.

    You can also create a quiz from with in the video entry page.  
    Select ADD QUIZ from the Action tab located below the player.