WebCam Recordings

    Record a video using a webcam

    1. You will need a webcam connected to your computer in order to use this function of Kaltura.

    2. You can access the WebCam recording feature anywhere you see the text editor in Blackboard by selecting Kaltura Media located in the drop down menu of theMashup tool or by clicking on Add New in the Course Media Gallery or your My Media pages.

    3. In the course text editor (Discussions, Wiki, etc) select the Mash-up icon and click Kaltura Media from the drop down menu.

      Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9

    4. A new page will open. Select Add New and click Webcam Recording from the drop down menu.

    5. After clicking the Webcam tab, you might receive a prompt asking you to allow or deny Kaltura access to your webcam. If so, click Allow. (The Webcam tool requires Flash)

      web cam allow

    6. An image of what is to be recorded will appear. When you’re ready, click the Record button.

      webcam 4

    7. Click the Stop button when you’re finished.

    8. If you want, click the Play button to review what you’ve recorded or restart the recording with out saving.

      webcam record save

    9. Click the Save button directly on the Webcam recording window to save your video.

      You must save your webcam recording by select the save button on the screen before adding any titles, descriptions, or tags. Confirm the upload is complete by the green ribbon that appears above the metadata before moving to the next step.

      webcam final
    10. Enter a (1) Title, (2)Description, and (3)tags for the video. Then click the (4) Save button. To view your recording select Back to Browse and Embed.

    11. The video will be added to your My Media library (and if you were in a course content area, you can now embed to your course).

      web cam embed
    12. Check the boxes of any metadata you wish to appear alongside your video (1), choose a skin for your player (2), and then select Embed (3).

    13. Your webcam recording will be placed inside the text editor. You may continue adding any additional information and when finished select Submit.