Blackboard App FAQ

    Which devices are compatible with Blackboard App?

    You will need a device running:

    • iOS 9.0+
    • Android 4.2+
    • Windows 10+

    The Blackboard app for Android and iOS was designed and built for phones, but is fully compatible with iPads running iOS 9.0+ and Android tablets running 4.2+. If you search the App Store from an iPad, be sure to change the iPad Only filter to iPhone Only to find Blackboard.

    The Windows version is compatible with tablets and phones.

    Why can't I see my courses in Blackboard App?

    If you can't see your courses in Blackboard App, then it's likely your classes are not available yet. The Blackboard app only shows courses that are Available and Active. If your course/semester hasn't started yet, or if your instructor has a course set as Unavailable, it won't show in the app. Often Instructors will make courses active around the first day of classes.


    Why can't I take a specific test on my mobile device?

    Mobile compatible tests are tests containing supported question types for mobile devices. If a test contains non-supported question types, the test must be taken on a web browser and must not be taken within Blackboard App. 


    When should I use a computer to access my course?

    While the app offers a native environment to access your course content, some features can be limited depending on the mobile device being used. The mobile app is not a replacement for a computer browser but it is a way to access and view your course content on the go.

    The following features will not function properly and should only be used in a full browser on a computer.

    Students will not be able to:

    • participate in groups, blogs, and journals
    • access organizations
    • take some tests, quizzes, or surveys
    • format text or upload files in discussions